[Rivet] rivet with alpgen+pythia

Andy Buckley andy.buckley at ed.ac.uk
Thu Apr 19 19:21:01 BST 2012

Hi Alexander,

The patches from Gavin should already be applied, and Alpgen+PYTHIA is 
supported and should be working properly. However, I don't have any 
personal experience of doing so: hopefully Gavin, who's on this mailing 
list, can help out. I agree that an example (e.g. a page on the AGILe 
wiki) would be very helpful!


On 19/04/2012 08:42, Alexander Grohsjean wrote:
> Dear all,
> I am currently trying to run agile-runmc with Alpgen+Pythia. I have
> generated unweighted Alpgen events but when feeding them into
> agile-runmc , the code seems to hang after entering the file name:
> 1****************** PYINIT: initialization of PYTHIA routines
> *****************
> (FOR "file.unw" ENTER "file")
> lnqq-cteq5-np3-xlclu_1
> In adition I found a wiki page from Gavin Hesketh from 2010
> https://www.hep.ucl.ac.uk/twiki/bin/view/Sandbox/GavinHeskethSandbox
> where he describes patches to run the code.
> So I was wondering
> 1.) if there is an example with parameter file of how to run
> alpgen+pythia? I browsed the web without any success. Are there
> additional options to specify?
> 2.) Is alpgen+pythia supported and should run without the patches?
> I am using the following versions:
> source
> /afs/cern.ch/sw/lcg/external/MCGenerators/professor/1.3.1/$LCGTAG/setup.sh
> source
> /afs/cern.ch/sw/lcg/external/MCGenerators_hepmc2.06/rivet/1.7.0.b/$LCGTAG/rivetenv.sh
> source
> /afs/cern.ch/sw/lcg/external/MCGenerators_hepmc2.06/agile/1.3.0/$LCGTAG/agileenv.sh
> Thanks for any input.
> Cheers, Alexander.
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