HepForge project registration

HepForge is now functional for developers: if you'd like to start a project, please read this page and fill in the registration form for a new user account (linked below), making sure to mention what you want to use your account for.

If you want to start a new project, please mention that on the registration form, or email us at admin@hepforge.org. If you want to join an existing project as a developer, please arrange for the current developers to contact us --- again, at admin@hepforge.org --- about getting you added to the project.

Our only requirements for creating accounts and projects are that your project must be HEP-related and that it is intended to be re-useable: that means that, among other things, you should provide adequate documentation and aim to make your code portable. Using a standard build and installation system like the GNU "autotools" is encouraged but not essential. We'd also appreciate feedback on HepForge's facilities, including suggestions for improvements and new services!

Please note that HepForge is not a provider of resources for CPU-intensive processes and that accounts will only be granted on agreement to the Durham University IT service rules.

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