[Rivet] Problem with rivet-bootstrap

Kiran Joshi Kiran.Joshi at hep.manchester.ac.uk
Wed Nov 24 13:35:40 GMT 2010

Hi Andy,

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you on this.
I have just tried re-installing rivet from scratch using the bootstrapper and have found myself in the same position I was when I e-mailed you a month ago.
(rivet requires the 'rivet' Python module)

Trying to run rivet --help --verbose, as you suggested before, only returns the same error mesage, with no additional information.

The version of python installed on my system is 64bit, one of the default locations in my $PYTHONPATH is /opt/lcg/lib64/python2.4/site-packages, and the location of the rivet python module is .../RIVET/lib64/python2.4/site-packeges/rivet, so I assume that it has been built in 64bit mode as well.

Do you have any other ideas on how to track down what is causing this problem?

Thanks for your help,

From: Andy Buckley [andy.buckley at ed.ac.uk]
Sent: 28 October 2010 16:03
To: Kiran Joshi
Cc: rivet at projects.hepforge.org
Subject: Re: [Rivet] Problem with rivet-bootstrap

On 28/10/10 14:14, Kiran Joshi wrote:
> Hi Andy,
> Thanks for fixing the AGILe tarball, I managed to install it without any further problems.
> I've now got another problem when trying to run RIVET:
> After I installed RIVET using the bootstrap, I ran rivet -h and everything seemed to be working correctly.
> I then copied the environment variable settings to my .bashrc, but have not been able to get RIVET to run again.
> When I try running rivet -h, I now get the message "rivet requires the 'rivet' python module".
> In my .bashrc I have done:
> export PYTHONPATH=.../RIVET/lib64/python2.4/site-packages
> (as well as all the other paths in the rivetenv.sh file)
> and I have tried source-ing rivetenv.sh again, but this doesn't solve the problem.
> I realise that this is probably a problem with my specific set up, but any ideas would be appreciated.

Yes, a bit hard to debug with this information! It looks to me like it's
likely to be a 32 bit/64 bit issue... maybe the version of Python in
your path is 32 bit and it's trying to load 64 bit built libraries or

Running "rivet --help --verbose" might (should) give a more complete
debug printout: I suspect that the "user friendly" message about
requiring the "rivet" module is hiding an attempt to load that module
which fails because either the _rivet module library, or one of the
libraries it chains to, is the wrong architecture. We try to get these
things right (e.g. prepending to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH in rivetenv.sh) but
it's not 100% foolproof!

Hope that helps: with more debug printout we can maybe get a bit further.


Dr Andy Buckley
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Particle Physics Experiment Group, University of Edinburgh

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