[Rivet] Error when installing Rivet manually

Frank Siegert frank.siegert at cern.ch
Wed Nov 24 10:53:20 GMT 2010

Hi Kiran,

On 24/11/10 11:46, Kiran Joshi wrote:
> I am trying to install Rivet manually but am having a problem when
> trying to 'make' it.
> I have run ./configure --prefix=... --with-boost-incpath=...
> --with-hepmc-incpath=... --with-fastjet-incpath=...
> and I'm quite sure that I've installed hepmc and fastjet correctly, and
> my boost headers are being found properly.

When running ./configure, have you tried specifying the HepMC and 
FastJet prefix (i.e. the directory in which their include/ and lib/ 
directories are located), instead of only their incpath? I run configure 
like this:

./configure --with-hepmc=/path/to/HepMC-2.06.02 \
   --with-fastjet=/path/to/fastjet-2.4.2 \

and it works fine.


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