[Rivet] CDF_1988_S1865951

Hendrik Hoeth hendrik.hoeth at cern.ch
Wed Nov 17 18:12:05 GMT 2010

Hi Anton,

Thus spake Anton Karneyeu (Anton.Karneyeu at cern.ch):

> thank you for investigation. Running AGILE with HepMC 2.06.03 fix
> this problem. But reveals another one with hepmc file generated by
> pythia8 hepmc interface.

If I run
  sed -i "s/MEV/GEV/" generator.hepmc
before running Rivet, everything works fine. You compiled HepMC with
units of MEV and MM. Now the numbers stored in the hepmc file are in
GeV, but the file says MeV. Rivet believed that HepMC got the units
right, assumes that the center of mass energy is a factor 1000 different
from what you generated, can't match that with any of the two allowed
energies of 630 and 1800 GeV, respectively (for CDF_2002), doesn't book
a histogram, but then tries to fill the histos. Woooops, a segfault.

I agree that Rivet shouldn't go south. But then, you've got a unit
problem somewhere between Pythia8 and HepMC. If you find it, please send
a patch to Torbjörn, too, because his main32.cc example is also



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