[Rivet] rivet 1.3.0

Hendrik Hoeth hendrik.hoeth at cern.ch
Tue Oct 26 17:37:50 BST 2010


Thus spake Sercan Sen (Sercan.Sen at cern.ch):

> Maybe the version of konqueror ? Mine is like that;
> ssen> konqueror -v
> Qt: 3.3.6
> KDE: 3.5.4-25.el5_4.1 Red Hat
> Konqueror: 3.5.4-21.slc5.1 Red Hat

3.5.9, built from vanilla sources. There is absolutely nothing special
about the web pages. It's super-simple html code with png images. Any
browser should be able to display them. Can you specify your "did not
work" a bit more detailed?



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