[Rivet] Mailing list oops / 2D histos

Hannes Jung hannes.jung at cern.ch
Tue Oct 5 09:22:32 BST 2010

Dear Andy

thanks a lot for the response...
If one can use ROOT histos I guess is enough for the moment,..,.


On 05.10.2010, at 10:05, Andy Buckley wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> Apologies if I've been unusually unresponsive to list emails recently. I
> only just realised that my old Durham address had been bouncing, so I've
> missed Rivet list emails for the last... actually, I don't know how
> long. Since the start of September, I suspect. D'oh: I really thought I
> had updated my list subscription to use a valid email address.
> Anyway, apologies for the unintentional silence. I've heard via covert
> channels that there's been discussion about 2D histos in Rivet... yeah,
> if we'd had time to get YODA into action 1+ years ago we could have
> avoided this. A pity that we didn't get user feedback about it being
> needed: we definitely don't want to force people to look elsewhere.
> At any rate, ROOT 2D histos can be used within Rivet and the
> binEdges(...) functions can be used to do the autobooking for 1D histos.
> We don't have any autobooking hooks for 2D histos yet, but I can put
> them in for Leif's 2D histos in LWH -- and they will then be ready for
> swap-over to YODA when that's usable. I've said that a lot, but there is
> not so much more work needed: I would personally like to have a clear
> run at that in the next couple of months so if others can pick up the
> slack in the analysis development and core Rivet maintenance it will
> happen faster.
> Cheers,
> Andy
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