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Hannes Jung hannes.jung at desy.de
Tue Oct 5 05:58:15 BST 2010

Dear Riveties

are there any news on the 2-D histos for RIVET ?

I saw the mail from Leif with his suggestion,.... is there now anything in RIVET ?

I am really serious: it is unbelievable that there are no 2-D histos foreseen, and it is even
more strange, that there is no answer to Albert Knutssons question on the hypernews.
We started effort to implement RIVET also for CMS.... so...

This is becoming very serious: we need the tool for the CMS 2-particle correlations NOW.
We do not need it on a month, but we need it now. There is now also a intense discussion
with the MC authors going on, and for this we would need the tool.

Please respond to the mails and respond on the prospects to have 2-D histos in RIVET.



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> From: Albert Knutsson <albert.knutsson at desy.de>
> Date: 29. September 2010 14:14:46 MESZ
> To: rivet at cedar.ac.uk, rivet at projects.hepforge.org
> Subject: [Rivet] 2d-histogram in rivet
>  Dear Rivet Experts,
> I'm sorry for a maybe stupid question: How do I book a 2D histogram in 
> Rivet?
> Thanks in advance!
> Cheers,
> Albert
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