[Rivet] CDF_1988_S1865951

Hendrik Hoeth hendrik.hoeth at cern.ch
Tue Nov 16 20:03:55 GMT 2010

Hi Anton,

Thus spake Anton Karneyeu (Anton.Karneyeu at cern.ch):

> something wrong with analysis CDF_1988_S1865951. It gives negative Y
> values for pT distribution histogram. Could you take a look?

thanks for that bug report. It's kind of hard to blame Rivet in this
case, though. The AGILe installation is using an ancient HepMC version
(2.03.11) which doesn't have cross-section information support. If you
then run a Rivet analysis that requires the cross-section for
normalisation then anything can happen.

True, Rivet should throw an error, and I'll fix that. But you should
consider using a more recent version of HepMC like 2.06.



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