[Rivet] No rivet and agile command found

christopher at particle.uni-karlsruhe.de christopher at particle.uni-karlsruhe.de
Fri Mar 27 13:53:14 GMT 2009

Dear Rivet developers,

I am an MCnet PhD student and I am trying to run for the first time
Rivet (1.1.1) on my Mac Leopard. It seems that there are
no problems in building an installing your code. But
when I try to run rivet -h or agile-rungen -h, to check
if everything is ok, as suggested on your website, I get the "command 
not found" error message. I have set the environment
variables needed to run your code but the only commands I can run
are rivetgun and agile-config. Can you help me??? I would like
to use your code to tune Herwig and Herwig++ with a new hadronization
model on LEP data.
Thank you for your help.

Christopher Bignamini

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