[Rivet] [HZTool] Compiling an HZTool main program

Andy Buckley andy.buckley at durham.ac.uk
Mon Mar 23 12:23:51 GMT 2009

Leif Lönnblad wrote:
> Hannes Jung wrote:
>> i have now checked in the missing get_var routine. The hwbgen rotuine  
>> is coming from fortran herwig, so this has to be linked, if you call  
>> hzhwavrg.F
> It would be nice if routines, such as hzhwavrg.F, were collected in a
> separate lib, so that it would be possible to run HZtool without linking
> to fortran herwig (I'm sure this was possible before).

I agree. I had to make a dummy object file to make the linking work (and
clearly these routines would not work that way). Let's aim to fix this
in the next HZTool release.

With my dummy routines, I now get some junk output, probably from hbook,
which I've attached: the lines of zeros at the bottom carry on for
hundreds of MB, if allowed. Any suggestions from people who've dealt
with HBOOK before? I'm in CERN this week, in case any HBOOK-aware list
members happen to be there, too, and are prepared to give me a
beginner's walk-through!

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