[Rivet] Work plan

Andy Buckley andy.buckley at durham.ac.uk
Thu Mar 12 10:39:59 GMT 2009

Frank Siegert wrote:
> I've got one more: We have so many pp -> Z (+ jets) analyses and all do 
> something very similar for finding the Z candidate, which doesn't look 
> exactly pretty. Maybe we can factor this out into a common projection? I'd 
> work on this, if you agree that would be useful.

I think it would, particularly as a central place to keep any
enhancements like the photon clustering. Your list of flexible features
is what I would think of. But please keep the interface relatively
clean, i.e. don't require 10 constructor arguments! ;)

> The projection should be able to return the Z candidates as 
> vector<pair<Particle, Particle> > and the particles not contained in the Z 
> candidate (such that one can run e.g. a jet algorithm on them).

I think we have a final state projection at the moment which will veto
particles in a supplied list. It might be a good idea to not replicate
this behaviour, or at least to use that vetoing FS projection internally.


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