[Rivet] Work plan

Andy Buckley andy.buckley at durham.ac.uk
Wed Mar 11 21:34:01 GMT 2009

Hi guys,

Apologies for the gap in Rivet meetings recently. I'm sure you've been
as busy as I have, and since we've had plenty to do there's been no real
call to clog the time with more meetings. I think it is useful though
for us to have a clear idea of who's doing what, so that we definitely
have something to aim for and we all keep some bit of Rivet work in our
current "job queue".

So, partially from my memory and partially from the tracker, here's what
I think we're each working on for Rivet 1.1.3:

 * Andy: Sorting Python extension problems on SL, validator "plugin"
system, sending emails ;)
 * Emily: Removing automatic veto counters, QED corrections
 * James: Fixing/validating DIS projections, adding event auto-rotation
 * Hendrik: UA1, UA5, RHIC analyses?
 * Holger: UA1, UA5 analyses?

Any debate on that? I think these are the main things to get done for
the next release: it is certainly essential that we keep adding more
validation analyses, particularly for UE/MB observables, as well as
infrastructure improvements. If there are analyses that you'd like to
work on, create an AnalysisRoutine ticket and get hacking!


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