[Rivet] Plugin mechanism -- what do I do with the "extern" part?

Hendrik Hoeth hendrik.hoeth at cern.ch
Mon Jul 13 16:58:41 BST 2009

Hi Holger,

Thus spake Holger Schulz (holger.schulz at physik.hu-berlin.de):

> I wanted to try out Rivet's plug-in mechanism for analyses and I get
> stuck with error messages from g++ (4.3) of that kind:

I'm not sure what that error might be, and I'm not familiar with the
Plugin wiki page. But have a look at http://home.thep.lu.se/~mcnet00/
-> Makefile, TopAnalysis.cc, TopAnalysis.hh
Those are the files we used in the tutorial session at the MCnet school.
They should compile and can serve you as example.  ;-)

In fact, also the TestAnalysis in the Rivet repository should compile.
That's an example without header file.


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