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The excerpt of your rҽsҽarϲh which is highly appreciated by us is listed
below: We present FlexibleDecay, a tool to calculate decays of scalars in
an arbitrary BSM model. The tool aims for high precision particularly in
the case of Higgs boson decays. In the case of scalar and pseudoscalar
Higgs boson decays the known higher order SM QED, QCD and EW effects are
taken into account where possible. The program works in a modified
$\overline{\text{MS}}$ scheme that exhibits a decoupling property with
respect to heavy BSM physics, with BSM parameters themselves treated in the
$\overline{\text{MS}}/\overline{\text{DR}}$-scheme allowing for an easy
connection to high scale tests for, e.g., perturbativity and vacuum
stability, and the many observable calculations readily available in
$\overline{\text{MS}}/\overline{\text{DR}}$ programs. Pure BSM effects are
taken into account at the leading order, including all one-loop
cоntriƄutiоns to loop-induced processes. The program is implemented as an
extension to FlexibleSUSY, which determines the mass spectrum for arbitrary
BSM models, and does not require any extra configuration from the սsеr. We
compare our predictions for Higgs decays in the SM, singlet extended SM,
type II THDM, CMSSM and MRSSM, as well as for squark decays in the CMSSM
against a selection of publicly available tools. The numerical differences
between our and other programs are explained. The release of FlexibleDecay
officially deprecates the old effective couplings routines in FlexibleSUSY.
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