[Flexiblesusy-commits] [FlexibleSUSY/FlexibleSUSY] 37a849: test standalone example only if MSSM is configured

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Mon Dec 15 13:48:52 GMT 2014

  Branch: refs/heads/development
  Home:   https://github.com/FlexibleSUSY/FlexibleSUSY
  Commit: 37a849bbc5d874f946cfc2167bb8565bc512ea00
  Author: Alexander Voigt <Alexander.Voigt at desy.de>
  Date:   2014-12-15 (Mon, 15 Dec 2014)

  Changed paths:
    M test/module.mk

  Log Message:
  test standalone example only if MSSM is configured

  Commit: 1eed911faa72b9cd6f07467902aff032ec4fe39a
  Author: Alexander Voigt <Alexander.Voigt at desy.de>
  Date:   2014-12-15 (Mon, 15 Dec 2014)

  Changed paths:
    M examples/customized-betas/LesHouches.in.MSSMcbs
    M examples/customized-betas/MSSMcbs_spectrum_generator.hpp
    M examples/customized-betas/custombetas.cpp
    M examples/tower/LesHouches.in.tower
    M model_files/CMSSM/LesHouches.in.CMSSM
    M model_files/CMSSMNoFV/LesHouches.in.CMSSMNoFV
    M model_files/E6SSM/LesHouches.in.E6SSM
    M model_files/LHInputMSSM/LesHouches.in.LHInputMSSM
    M model_files/MSSMNoFVatMGUT/LesHouches.in.MSSMNoFVatMGUT
    M model_files/MSSMatMGUT/LesHouches.in.MSSMatMGUT
    M model_files/NMSSM/LesHouches.in.NMSSM
    M model_files/NUHMSSM/LesHouches.in.NUHMSSM
    M model_files/UMSSM/LesHouches.in.UMSSM
    M src/slha_io.cpp
    M src/slha_io.hpp
    M templates/low_scale_spectrum_generator.hpp.in
    M templates/run.cpp.in
    M templates/slha_io.cpp.in
    M templates/slha_io.hpp.in
    M templates/spectrum_generator.hpp.in
    M templates/two_scale_high_scale_constraint.cpp.in
    M templates/two_scale_high_scale_constraint.hpp.in

  Log Message:
  Remove automatic (incomplete) support for input scale in EXTPAR entry 0

SLHA defines EXTPAR entry 0 as:

 1) If the value is 0, the input scale is derived from the condition
    g1 == g2 .

 2) If the value is -1, the input scale is defined as
    sqrt(m_stop1 * m_stop2)

 3) Otherwise, the given fixed value for the input scale will be used.

1) and 2) are in general model-dependent settings.  In FlexibleSUSY
the preferred way to support these three scale choices is to
explicitly set the HighScale variable to one of the following:

 1) HighScale = g1 == g2

 2) HighScale = Sqrt[M[St[1]] * M[St[2]]]

 3) EXTPAR = { {0, Qin}, ... };
    HighScale = Qin

Compare: https://github.com/FlexibleSUSY/FlexibleSUSY/compare/f5a13cfe17fd...1eed911faa72

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