[Rivet] Reading data from plots

Hendrik Hoeth hendrik.hoeth at cern.ch
Mon Nov 8 22:12:07 GMT 2010

Thus spake Hendrik Hoeth (hendrik.hoeth at cern.ch):

> I spend two only slightly useless hours
> writing a script to parse the eps files and convert the postscript
> coordinates to physics coordinates. It will probably not work with eps
> files of other analyses, it comes with no warranty, might burn your
> house and eat your dog, but if you have any use for it, you find it
> here: http://users.hepforge.org/~hoeth/atlaseps2dat

I've updated the script. It can handle logarithmic y-axes now,
autmatically detects the color of the error band, and is generally much
smarter with finding the points and the error bands in the postscript
code. Now it actually works on ATLAS-CONF-2010-049 (fragmentation
function inside jets), too, and probably on other analyses, though the
fragmentation function analysis is the only one I've tried.

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