[Rivet] see only CCPythia when executing rivetgun

James Monk jmonk at hep.ucl.ac.uk
Wed Jan 23 16:22:55 GMT 2008

I just tried building the Genser version of Herwig on my laptop and  
fell at the first hurdle unfortunately.  It insists upon g77 as the  
fortran compiler, and I have been using gfortran to build everything  
up until now.  I'm reticent to install g77 as it seems a bit of a  
fudge to use g77 from gcc 3.4 with gcc 4 (especially when g77 is no  
longer being developed and gfortran has worked well for me up 'till  

I can either "fix" their configure script to use gfortran (FLIBS will  
no doubt also be wrong), but would it make more sense to just write an  
autotools build script - it would probably be less work anyway since  
it will also take care of things like dylib names and undefined  
symbols automatically.

On 23 Jan 2008, at 15:32, Andy Buckley wrote:

> Lars Sonnenschein wrote:
>> Hello Andy
>> I updated the head versions of agile and rivet.
>> Agile does make now without any complaint.
>> But when I try to run rivetgun the only available generator I can  
>> choose
>> from is CCPythia.
> I'm copying this reply to the Rivet mailing list since this will
> probably be a general problem for anyone using Rivetgun now. This, of
> course, a feature rather than a bug - we need to move to using  
> Genser's
> generator libraries, so the generator loader has been changed to  
> expect
> Genser's library names (in the Genser .liblinks/<LCGTAG> directory on
> I don't know if this works properly with the Genser libraries at the
> moment - there are a couple of bugs in their build system which might
> make it break. You can try by placing the path to the generator
> libraries in the exported AGILE_GEN_PATH variable. There is also a
> bin/mkGenserArea script in the AGILe build directory which can be used
> (carefully!) to bootstrap your own local Genser area (FHerwig/FPythia
> only at the moment) from the tarballs on the Genser web page.
> All this will be documented in the manual/howto when I get a moment to
> write it :)
>> (I tried also the rivet configure option --enbable-rivetgun, but it  
>> does
>> not make any difference)
> That is set true by default --- it only exists so that users can turn
> OFF building rivetgun if they so wish (with the --disable-rivetgun  
> switch).
> Andy
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