[Flexiblesusy] Bug in SLHA output

Paul Bergeron bergeron.physics at gmail.com
Sun Jun 24 17:36:20 BST 2018

Dear FlexibleSUSY authors,

We're implementing FlexibleSUSY for a pMSSM analysis (using lowMSSM) and
noticed that the sfermion masses appear to be swapped between the left and
right-handed states in the SLHA output. For example, from SOFTSUSY we find

1000002     2.57973331e+03   # ~u_L
2000002     1.45341541e+03   # ~u_R

while FlexibleSUSY reports

1000002     1.45369456E+03   # Su(1)
2000002     2.49974776E+03   # Su(4)

for the up-squark masses. We've worked with this point in a previous
analysis and checked that SOFTSUSY gives (almost) identical results as
SPheno, so it seems that they're getting swapped in FlesibleSUSY's SLHA
files. We've attached the SLHA output from both FlexibleSUSY and SOFTSUSY.

It looks like this may be the case for the CMSSM and the NUHMSSM models as
well; please advise.

Paul Bergeron


*Paul Bergeron, MS*
PhD Candidate
Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of Utah
Office:     INSCC 205-6A
Website: http://www.physics.utah.edu/~bergeron/
Email:     bergeron.physics at gmail.com
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